Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"The black cloud of inky venom envelops you and your men as you rush toward Sordello to subdue him. The blackness seems to contain tendrils of some power wrapping around you. You hear your men gasping and struggling beside you, and you feel Vijya Nath actually clutch at you briefly, but you trudge on ahead. The vile darkness around you chokes you and you lose 5 points of ENDURANCE (reduced by the number of men with you in the cloud, including Vijya Nath, to a minimum of 1 point of ENDURANCE) as you struggle forward. Suddenly, you break through – or at least your head does, and you see Sordello in front of you, a look of shock when he realises you are there. You attack with your sword and peddles backward, drawing out a glowing sword to fight you."

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