Monday, December 7, 2009

Bonus adventure for book 12

"You are Captain Borse. Late one night, you are standing in the rain aboard your ship, the caravel Intrepid. Flashes of lightning illuminate the deck. You are about three days out from any known shore. Your crew is fighting the weather as best they can and you trust them to do their duty, no matter how fierce the weather. The waves rise and fall around the Intrepid, lifting it on mighty crests just to drop the craft into frighteningly deep troughs. Another flash of lightning brightens the darkness and you see a raft on a nearby mountain of sea-water. Your brow furrows as darkness wraps its briny cloak around the ship again. Yet another forked flash proves you saw the raft – and a passenger! The man, in a turban and black dhoti, is sitting on the raft and meditating. His turban sports a distinctive plume of purple and white. You shout to the men nearby and, after a few harried moments, the man is fished aboard. He says his name is Vijya Nath. He is thankful for his rescue, indicating his ship sank on account of the storm. He says he is looking for an island he calls ‘Thor Golgron.’ Your boatswain, a large man called Steinolf, does not like the newcomer and he does little to hide his distaste. His voice booms even over the crashing waves and roaring thunder."

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