Friday, May 31, 2013

Owl Hoot Trail cover

The cover for Owl Hoot Trail, from Pelgrane Press
 "Owl Hoot Trail is a Wild West fantasy game where you can play an upright lawman bringing justice, a dastardly scoundrel robbing a bank, a feral scout on the trail of an owlbear, a mysterious mentalist looking into the darkness of an alien mind, or a gunslinger ready to take on any threat, be it man, beast, or undead. It’s set in a mythic version of the Wild West, and can as easily be seen as the future of a classic fantasy setting or the fantastic version of the historical American West.
The rules are simple and familiar if you’ve played classic fantasy RPGs, but they’ve got cowboy grit. Bullets can kill as easily as a dragon’s claws, and traveling unprepared in the desert is as dangerous as any dungeon."