Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kai lord

"In an alley in Ragadorn. A man stands looking toward the viewer, his hand outstretched in a gesture of friendship. The man is dressed in the cloak of a Kai lord. His hood is down. At his belt are a sheathed sword and a dagger. He looks to be in his mid-twenties, has close-cropped blond hair and a beard, and is smiling."

Monday, December 28, 2009

The ship

"From on board at one end, looking along the deck of a medium-sized merchant sailing ship. Some crew members are on deck; everything is normal. “Fire on the Water” (Book 2 of the series) has some illustrations of parts of Sommlending style ships that could be used for reference."

Sunday, December 27, 2009


“This rubbish-strewn cobbled street runs between rows of ramshackle, rot-infested houses and shops. The few inhabitants of Ragadorn that you see appear a cheerless lot, their faces haggard and drawn. They shuffle through the gloom, hunched against the pouring rain, their eyes fixed on the cobblestones at their feet.”

Friday, December 18, 2009

Some sketches

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Inn

"A crowded, low-ceilinged, smoky, village bar. Seen from the perspective of someone who has just entered. To the right there is a bar, behind which is a burly but friendly-looking barman. The bar is crowded with villagers and farmers. There are two things which are somewhat out of place – a group of merchants, much better dressed than the other patrons, and, in one corner, a suspicious-looking man in traveling clothes, his face shadowed by a hood."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bonus adventure Lone Wolf 13

"A man entering a large village, walking along the track that passes for a “main street”. Buildings are fairly dense – there is an inn, a shop, some houses, etc. The village is fairly clean and things are in good condition. The man, Tennan (the player character), is tall, has short unkempt dark hair, and appears to be in his forties. He is wearing a heavy, well-worn robe and is carrying a staff in one hand. He has a small traveling bag slung over his back, and a sickle tucked through his belt."

Monday, December 14, 2009


Some drawings for Cubicle 7 for one of their Victoriana games

Saturday, December 12, 2009


"A green mist issues out of the book as you draw your sword out of the Sordello's dead body, billowing out like the ink from a squid. The mist forms a disturbing face, a malformed hideous visage of evil. Again, the deformed face with the deformed mouth speaks with a deep sonorous but sepulchral voice, saying, 'I will destroy you for killing my acolyte!' Quickly a horrific, demonic body forms to match the infernal visage of the demon. A foul odour, a gross miasma you know can never be forgotten, fills the room, a smell so disgusting it beggars description. With multiple arms and weapons, it attacks!"

The Fight

"You swing your sword and decapitate the youth. The elders and the other warriors nod in appreciation. They are completely impressed with your weapon. Immediately, Sordello and the elders begin negotiations. Sordello says, 'They are willing to lead us to the ruins and to help haul out the treasure, but they want a metal-headed weapon for each man that goes in exchange. Even if you do not want their help, they are promising us safe passage and harbour.'"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Ruins

"You cannot help but to admire the art of the ancient people who built this ruin. Nearly every stone is crafted with embossed designs of people, monsters and animals. Tripping and falling as you pick your way through the rubble, you see ahead a tall stone edifice. The vine-shrouded pile of mouldering stones still form a complete building. Vijya Nath whispers, 'The temple… just as I dreamed.'

Suddenly, a black, inky cloud pours out of the temple, obscuring it. The cloud swirls and billows, halting in front of the temple, still some distance from you."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Landing

"The landing was extremely rough and quite deadly for many of your crew! Half of the launches were crushed and shattered like eggs smashed against walls. Half of the crewmen you took with you are gone, presumed dead. As most of them could not swim, survivors are unlikely. Sordello and Vijya Nath also survived. Most of your supplies are gone, also. You have eight meals, which must be shared with the other men."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"The black cloud of inky venom envelops you and your men as you rush toward Sordello to subdue him. The blackness seems to contain tendrils of some power wrapping around you. You hear your men gasping and struggling beside you, and you feel Vijya Nath actually clutch at you briefly, but you trudge on ahead. The vile darkness around you chokes you and you lose 5 points of ENDURANCE (reduced by the number of men with you in the cloud, including Vijya Nath, to a minimum of 1 point of ENDURANCE) as you struggle forward. Suddenly, you break through – or at least your head does, and you see Sordello in front of you, a look of shock when he realises you are there. You attack with your sword and peddles backward, drawing out a glowing sword to fight you."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bonus adventure for book 12

"You are Captain Borse. Late one night, you are standing in the rain aboard your ship, the caravel Intrepid. Flashes of lightning illuminate the deck. You are about three days out from any known shore. Your crew is fighting the weather as best they can and you trust them to do their duty, no matter how fierce the weather. The waves rise and fall around the Intrepid, lifting it on mighty crests just to drop the craft into frighteningly deep troughs. Another flash of lightning brightens the darkness and you see a raft on a nearby mountain of sea-water. Your brow furrows as darkness wraps its briny cloak around the ship again. Yet another forked flash proves you saw the raft – and a passenger! The man, in a turban and black dhoti, is sitting on the raft and meditating. His turban sports a distinctive plume of purple and white. You shout to the men nearby and, after a few harried moments, the man is fished aboard. He says his name is Vijya Nath. He is thankful for his rescue, indicating his ship sank on account of the storm. He says he is looking for an island he calls ‘Thor Golgron.’ Your boatswain, a large man called Steinolf, does not like the newcomer and he does little to hide his distaste. His voice booms even over the crashing waves and roaring thunder."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last vignettes book 12

"A steel door swings open at your approach and three hefty Drakkarim confront you on the threshold. "
"Some of the crowd leave their seats in order to view the Black City through the tiny portholes that line the walls of the gallery. With your heart pounding at the thought of seeing the Darkland's most infamous stronghold for the first time, you leave the pit and join them."
"...gaze upon the awesome spectacle that is Helgedad. Perched upon an isle of granite at the centre of a vast, fiery chasm stands the mighty city-fortress,... Great walls of black steel encircle it, giving rise to a thousand spiky towers and turrets which harbour the masters and the minions of darkness. Above the city hovers a seething pall of black smoke that keeps it forever in shadow."

Friday, December 4, 2009

More vignettes from Book 12

"...enemy come scrambling over the rail, screaming and howling like a pack of demons. One of their number singles you out. He strides forward, his black blade swinging viciously as he attempts to cleave your skull in two."
"...but you have taken less than a dozen steps when a line of creatures begins to emerge from a doorway to your right. They growl menacingly, their feral eyes aglow with bloodlust."
"It slopes down to the shores of a wide inlet--the Gulf of Helenag--where a line of Darkland ironclads are steaming northwards on their way to join the blockade. From where you are, they appear no larger than tiny black specks dotting the steel-grey sea, but the clouds of yellow smoke that pour from their funnels clearly identify them as enemy ships."
"The Slavemaster takes a strange mask from a nearby table and offers it to you. It is made of a green, glass-like mineral and is shaped into a hideous visage."