Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last vignettes book 12

"A steel door swings open at your approach and three hefty Drakkarim confront you on the threshold. "
"Some of the crowd leave their seats in order to view the Black City through the tiny portholes that line the walls of the gallery. With your heart pounding at the thought of seeing the Darkland's most infamous stronghold for the first time, you leave the pit and join them."
"...gaze upon the awesome spectacle that is Helgedad. Perched upon an isle of granite at the centre of a vast, fiery chasm stands the mighty city-fortress,... Great walls of black steel encircle it, giving rise to a thousand spiky towers and turrets which harbour the masters and the minions of darkness. Above the city hovers a seething pall of black smoke that keeps it forever in shadow."

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