Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book 12 vignettes

"Standing in the corridor outside is a slim, small, seemingly insignificant figure, clad in a loose-fitting garment of plain emerald cloth. His pinched and pallid face is of human proportion, and, were it not for his pig-like snout and watery, colourless eyes, he could easily pass for one of your species."
"You draw the sun-sword and a gout of golden flame engulfs the blade, flaring with such brilliance that you are momentarily blinded. Kraagensk├╗l shrieks. It is an unearthly howl, filled with blind terror. He throws up his skeletal hands to shield himself from the searing light, and smoke curls from his blistering skin as the radiant power of the Sommerswerd burns his flesh."
"a wagon laden with barrels and boxes, drawn by six ox-like creatures. Two Giak soldiers sit on the front seat--a driver and a guard."
"it is a patrol of Giak soldiers. Drawn from their clifftop encampment, having witnessed the battle at sea, they are searching the water's edge for survivors. The tips of their spears glint wetly crimson in the moonlight, alerting you to the fate that has befallen those of Davan's crew who managed to swim ashore."

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